Veterinary Antiseptic & Animal Disinfectant

Veterinary Antiseptic & Animal Disinfectant

At Ethical Agents, we stock high-quality, effective veterinary antiseptics and animal disinfectants. Browse our wide range of products below for both surgical and general practice vet applications, including surgical scrubs, surface sterilisers, antiseptic cleansers, and more.

Ensure the hygiene of your clinic and the safety of your patients with our veterinary antiseptic products. Keep veterinary instruments clean with the Medistel Instrument Disinfectant. For sterilising hands and skin, we offer several trusted options including the MediScrub Lathering Solution and the Medihex-05 Hospital Grade Hand Rub.

Keeping surfaces clean is vital for infection prevention. Treat general and high-risk areas in your clinic with our effective surface sterilisers. Our SteriGene line uses micro-emulsion technology for safer cleaning and comes in a range of applications including wipes, spray, and concentrate. Other reliable surface sterilisation formulas include the Falcon Rapid Action Surface Spray and 4KLEEN concentrate.

For animal disinfectant treatments, we offer the AniDINE PVP Wash, an antiseptic shampoo suitable for pets such as dogs and larger animals including horses and cattle. Vetsep Antiseptic Sunblock is another versatile product that acts as a sun filter and protective cover for damaged skin including cuts and sores.

We have all the veterinary and pet care products needed for your clinic at Ethical Agents. Our dedication to research and development, combined with our strong global connections, makes us the leading vet care retailer in NZ. We create our own specialised products with top quality, innovative technology to ensure the safety of your patients.

For advice on product lines, we have an in-house vet who can answer any questions you may have, or you can speak to one of our knowledgeable Ethical Agents reps. Shop our pain relief, anti-inflammatories, and more for veterinary solutions you can rely on.

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