Pet Grooming Supplies for Veterinary Clinics

Pet Grooming Supplies for Veterinary Clinics

At Ethical Agents, we understand the importance of keeping your animal patient’s skin and coat in optimum condition. Our professional grooming products are everything you need to maintain an animal’s high standard of cleanliness in your care.

Check out our fantastic range of pet grooming supplies below or enquire about a product online today.

Complete Your Veterinary Office with Our Quality Grooming Products

Use our finely-made handheld combs to carefully detect and remove fleas from the pet animal – our combs are evenly spaced with metal teeth to ensure a thorough inspection every time.

For a dog’s oral care and hygiene, try the Orozyme Oradental Dog Chews, they help prevent the formation of plaque on the canine’s teeth and fight bad breath. These Chews are easily consumable with flavours of beef and pork rawhide, and they come in a variety of sizes for small dogs, medium dogs, and large dogs.

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